Powersync Solarwrap Mini-Max, Trap - PP1015ML – YellowStar Tactical

Powersync Solarwrap Mini-Max, Trap

$ 83.52 $ 120.45

Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap Mini-Max Charger

Charge your mobile USB devices using power from the sun or a wall outlet with this Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap Mini-MAX Charger. Its a flexible, compact solar panel in a scroll-like form that easily rolls up for convenient storage. It can also be clipped onto a backpack. This MAX version is an improvement on the original SolarWrap Mini, featuring a li-ion battery that can be recharged in only 6 hr using the sun, instead of 10 hr. When the battery is at full capacity, it outperforms the previous version by producing an extra half-charge for a camera, GPS, or similar device and an extra quarter-charge for a smartphone.
Even in less than full sunlight, the SolarWrap Minis efficient design makes it possible to collect sufficient energy to power your electronics. Like the original version, the MAX charges your devices via the full-size USB port. Its own battery can be charged in about 5.0 hr using power from a wall outlet via the Micro-USB input port, as an alternative to solar charging. A micro-USB charger with a cable is included.

Flexible Mini Solar Panel Scroll
Easily Rolls Up for Convenient Storage
Charge Mobile USB Devices
On-Board Lithium-Ion Battery
Micro-USB Port for Charging from Wall
6-hr Solar Charge, 5-hr Wall Charge