Bulldog Cases Extra-Large Deluxe Range Nylon Bag with Pistol Rug

SKU: BD905
$ 49.49

Bulldog Cases XL Deluxe Black Range Bag with Pistol Rug BD905 is a generously sized gun bag for your shooting accessories. Bull Dog Cases builds this range bag from heavy duty Tetron for a water resistant outer shell. The Bulldog Extra Large Range Bag has three hidden pockets for storing gun supplies and shooting supplies. This deluxe package includes a Bulldog Cases pistol rug for extra protection for your handgun. An adjustable shoulder strap with deluxe buckle makes this Bulldog Cases carrying bag easy to carry.

Heavy duty, durable Tetron, water resistant outer shell
Extra Large main compartment with three hidden pockets
Pistol Rug included for extra protection
Three outer pockets for extra storage
Adjustable shoulder strap with deluxe buckle and hardware
Deluxe padding and quality for extra protection
Includes Bulldog Pistol Rug