Birchwood Casey Splattering Pregame 12x18" Targets – YellowStar Tactical

Birchwood Casey Splattering Pregame 12x18" Targets

Birchwood Casey
SKU: BC35572
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Birchwood Caseys new splattering Pregame Targets offer shooters three new games for shooting alone or for some friendly competition with other shooters. New technology now creates reactive zones within each target. Shots outside of the main aiming points no longer create a halo effect, making it easy to see scoring hits.

The new Pregame Targets include the Star Burst three rows of red, green and blue stars . Shooters can make up their own rules and shoot against a competitor or time themselves and shoot against the clock. The targets offer dozens of different possibilities.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 35572
Eight Pack
Dimensions: 12"x18"
Starburst Targets