Allen 6" Pistol Rug Case Single Handgun Assorted Colors 72-6

$ 5.57

Since 1972 Allen Company has grown become an industry leading supplier of outdoor products, gun cases and hunting accessories. The Allen name is known and trusted by the entire shooting sports population as the best product for the money.

Made in the USA, the Allen Assorted Earth Tones and Camo Handgun Case is designed to protect your gun in storage or on the go. Assorted colors include brown, gray, tan, black, camo, and olive.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 72-6
Allen 6" Pistol Rug Case Single Handgun Camo and Earthtones
Assorted Endura Shell
Assorted Foam
#5 Zipper
Weight 0.14
Dimensions 8.6 x 5.65 x 2.25 in
Color: No color choice