AAC BRAKEOUT 2.0 Flash Suppressing Compensator 7.62mm

SKU: AACO103289
$ 100.49

Control muzzle climb and flash with the Advanced Armament Corp Brakeout 2.0 7.62mm Flash Suppressing Compensator 51T. The Brakeout combines the main features of our industry leading Blackout flash suppressors and muzzle brakes into a jack of all trades option for shooters looking for the widest range of benefits. It combines a rear muzzle brake chamber with the three prong front end of our Blackout flash suppressors. The open top and closed bottom of the design minimize muzzle rise and environmental disturbance.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 64205
Three Prongs
5/8 x 24 RH
51 Tooth Ratchet
Larger porting than version 2.0
Open Top
Closed bottom
Minimizes muzzle rise and environmental disturbance