2A Armament LR-308/SR-25 Titanium Takedown Pins .278" Dia

$ 39.90

The 2A Armament LR-308/SR-25 Titanium takedown pins are designed for maximum weight savings while maintaining weapon integrity. These takedown pins are made using certified USA 6AL-4V Titanium and the weight for both combined pins is just .25 ounces. These pins are very pleasing on the eyes and economical on the wallet. Make sure you start your next .308 AR build off right with these high quality parts from 2A Armament.

Specifications and Features:
2A Armament Titanium Takedown Pins LR-308/SR-252A-TI-TDP308
.278 pin size
Made from U.S.A. Certified 6AL-4V titanium
Overall Weight 0.25 oz combined
Through drilled for weight reduction
Bead Blasted Matte Finish